Welcome to OAKWORKS Inc.

Since 1978, Oakworks has been building the finest portable massage tables and massage table accessories. Over the past 30 years, we've been an industry leader in the design and development of new products massage therapy professional throughout the world demand.  We've also  taken our extensive knowledge in the field of body mechanics and ergonomics and expanded our product line to include the worlds finest spa tables, medical spa tables, fluoroscopy tables, physical therapy tables, body positioning accessories, athletic training tables and much much more.  Our products include portable massage tables, portable massage chairs, electric lift tables, hydraulic lift spa tables, imaging tables, wet treatment tables, portable mat tables, and massage table accessories. You can view our full product line by visiting us at www.oakworks.com

Portable Massage Table - Oakworks Nova Backrest portable massage table - Oakworks Alliance WoodPortable Massage Table - Oakworks OnePortable Massage Tables - Oakworks AdvantaPortable Massage Tables - Oakworks Alliance AluminumPortable Massage Tables - Oakworks WellspringPortable Mat Table - Oakworks Storable MatPortable Massage Chair - Oakworks Portal Pro portable stools - Oakworks Adjustable height swivel Stool Portable Massage Table - Table CartElectric Lift Massage Table - Oakworks ProLuxe EuropaHydraulic Lift Massage Table - Oakworks Antigua

If you're looking for more information about portable massage tables, visit www.massagetables.com. There you'll find all sorts of information that will help you learn about how massage tables are made.